There’s nothing can hold me when I hold you.

First I should confess that I disdain the show Happy Days. It’s horrible and seems to infest and reinvest at an alarming rate you think it goes away but it always returns. Like roaches or a rash. Still it’s for better or worse part of my psyche . I watched it religiously along with Laverne and Shirley. I could say it was because cable wasn’t really established yet but I looked forward to it.

I remember the alien hellish place called ‘Miami’ that I arrived in. Shunned by all who knew me here I pined for Milwaukee. I loved my grandparents and they were there. Along with a dinosaur shaped tree in the back yard, rabbits running through the neighborhood and winter coats and mittens. Here the consolation were lizards and shows set in Milwaukee.

I know the show had a time frame well before I was born but when you’re five yesterday is further away and so are all those happy memories. Maybe part of me gravitated towards the Cunninghams and yes, Lord help me, Fonzie. They lived where my dreams lived, where I was to be happy and where I was to grow up among those who I loved and loved me so dearly. So the Pizza Hut glasses on Ebay maybe not be such a bizarre choice. I keep them hidden and stored. Shame is applicable.

I was more a Laverne and Shirley girl. Even though I like Laverne better, who didn’t, I identified more with Shirley. I think it was her affection for Boo-Boo Kitty that won out over Laverne’s penchant for milk and Pepsi. They both liked scooter pies. It should have been a draw. Once they moved to California it was over between the three of us.

I lost my tolerance for Happy Days sooner. I missed my favorite episode when it aired. Some of the best bad tv ever made. This is not a small boast but if ‘Chachi Sells His soul’ had reached me sooner, well I may be president today. Please come out on dvd.

Then there was ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’. I really liked it. Even Scott Baio hated it but I thought it was great. I saw the entire series about six years ago and it’s probably bootlegged on dvd now. It should be. We need to see Al find love and Joanie and Chachi follow their dreams.

Maybe then we can believe in our own dreams and make them come true.

Ready to race to you.


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