“La Grande Ambition des Femmes Est d’Inspirer L’amour!” And yay giant puppies.

I could give a full review of New Moon and put my two ill informed cents in but I won’t. I don’t think it was made to climb the heights of great cinema or make any statement that would woo intellects into vampiric bliss. I haven’t read the books but I have in my life Twilighters that I love and respect enough to be respectful of it. The appeal is obvious. Immortal love, predestination, adventure and all to a seemingly ordinary girl in a small town. We all want to shimmer and sparkle brightly to some wonderful being and be meant for something quite extraordinary. The great secret to life of course is that we are all those things. The exaggeration of such traits are needed to make the point in a short span of time. But here be vampires and wolvies and so it’s all the more fun.

Not just the great giant puppies or the evil vampires (Volturi is one of my favorite new words) or the evil Victoria with her unbelievably glorious hair but the audience. The energy and excitement. The unitive experience of strangers and movies. It’s always been the draw to go to the theater but rarely have I felt that spirit. These movies so far have delivered on that point alone and it’s one of the reasons someone would want to make a movie or write a book. You forget the differences between you and the other person next to you and suddenly you all share this affection and secret. The bond is amazing as divisive as this world has become and I love that it is a positive thing for women of all ages to share.

Team Jacob or Edward is a little trickier. I’d pick my best puppy friend over a languishing deer (he may eat wild cats I can’t remember) eating vampire any day. But the core romance is much deeper than that. Her destiny includes immortality. He is the key. We learn a lot of this from this derided teenage girl character. You must become what you are meant to be no matter what the cost. Even if it seems unwise to outsiders, to listen to that voice from within, don’t silence it. And if it comes with love it’s gravy. Lovely passionate vampire gravy.

As for the wolves. . just wonderful. I loved the giant puppies and the expressions of sadness on the Jacob puppy will bring dog adoptions way up. We will all win. The actor has an innate sweetness that makes you want to bake him cookies and tell him the right girl will come along and scratch him behind the ears. I’m not into young guys and chests or anything so I was immune but the girls were very pleased in the audience. He’ll be just fine.

There need not be any sense of embarrassment or shame for loving a good bit of fun that obviously touches on some deep part of our desires. And to some point satisfies them. I hope for more books and movies that tell us stories that reveal how much alike we are and make us see ourselves in other people and their hopes and fears. No artifice or pretense but the basic longings of the human heart.

I look forward to the lady wolf.

On to June 30th.


2 thoughts on ““La Grande Ambition des Femmes Est d’Inspirer L’amour!” And yay giant puppies.

  1. Veronica, absolutely brilliant, and I certainly am not just saying this because you are my sister. You already sparkle…it just needs to find an opening so the entire world can appreciate its brilliance.

    Truly an awesome reflection on the entire Twilight experience-more people should be privileged to read this, and I hpoe one day they are.

  2. Okay, the cartoon opening credits are truly the most heinous thing I have ever seen-and I didn’t need sound to come to that conclusion.

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