There’s no place like gnome and puppy from hell


Mystery “gnome” baffles police in Argentina

Posted on Sunday, 23 March, 2008 | 6:30
Category: Bizarre
Cops in a town plagued by sightings of a creepy ‘gnome’ have launched a full-scale investigation – after records showed locals have reported seeing the creature for decades. The knee-high person – who wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk – was caught on video two weeks ago by a terrified group of youngsters.
Millions of stunned people viewed the chilling clip after The Sun reported the tale – with some sceptics claiming the footage just showed a dwarf causing mischief.

Nearly a year ago I shared a country with this little gnome. Walked the same streets perhaps and shopped at the same stores. He may have browsed the vintage telephones at San Telmo to talk to his overseas gnome friends with stylish hipster glee. Maybe he enjoys coffee at the intoxicating-ly keen El Ateneo. Then he may dash to feed the stray cats in La Recoleta. I missed him in the crowd somehow. One thing is certain, he sure knows how to cut a rug.

And then there’s this report of a man who mended his ways because of a mysterious puppy in a picture.

While I’m not sure demons need flea collars you have to concede that it brought about a change that seems to have made him and his wife happy. If demons were more camera-shy he might still be tormented by this evil puppy. I for one am glad that the sinister canine smiled for the camera and gave them both a new leash or lease on life. Forgive the pun but there is a devil kitty in the house and I’m not fully responsible. May all our puppies henceforth be Heavenly creatures.

All of this makes me want to go to the candle store haunted by guillotined monkeys in Pennsylvania. Maybe someday.


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