My visit from Oscar Wilde

Oscar is early this year last year he visited on the 30th. A strange thing happened.  A paper flew at me last November on the 30th and of course I knew it was Oscar reminding me. It had his biography and collection of quotations. His birth date and the date of the day he died ruined in this world. I knew his birthday. Though I’d mix it up with Waugh and Dylan Thomas and my head would explode. His birthday was the 16th and eleven days before Waugh. He was my first a literary love of the three. I was tween when I read him, so in essence, he is my Hannah Montana. He had that duel life and struggle in a whole different way but a duel life none the less. So their stories are similar too. Only Oscar Wilde’s was real.

I grew up first having one of my favorite bedtime stories penned by him. The Selfish Giant was always welcome and most loved along with Where the Wild Things Are. It is longer and because I’ve never liked sleeping at night the longer dreamland was delayed the better. Somehow the message missed me for many years, in action, but I always loved to give away more than I keep even with something as sacred as a cookie. I know it made me more giving and made we learn the meaning of the word ogre.

Waugh might be my favorite novelist and strange crush but Oscar was my first love. Not a romantic sort of affection but a deep and important one.

Tonight while sweeping the floor I came across some quotes I had cut out. I had put them in my souvenir Dixie Stampede Christmas boot. When I felt low I’d choose a quote to make me laugh or think or both. They had fallen over and I decided it was time to let them go. Two remain they followed me around while cleaning until I remembered his visit last year. I thought I had missed the day but he came early seeing how busy I am and that I need advance notice. Or to tell me to find new quotes to start the new year. Of course it is all in my mind but I like to remember him and believe if only within the span of writing this entry. Maybe I’ll believe for a few more hours. Maybe by the 30th the boot will be full again. May our hearts be too.


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