Thankful in the middle if the night

I’m thankful I had a tasty and lovely dinner with people I love. I’m thankful for my faith that keeps me leaping from tall buildings when the world seems cold and I feel unloved. Because the glimmer of hope or love that comes like a breeze once in a blue moon is worth being alive for and I wouldn’t want to miss it even if I have to wait, even if it never comes again. I’m grateful for all those I love and all those I have to learn to love yet.

I’m grateful that there is a table to set even if it came out all wrong. I’m grateful for all the little creatures in my life. I’m grateful for cookies and music and the smell of winter that makes it feel like Christmas. There is so much good in this world and in my life in the darkest moments. I’m thankful for the times I can see that.

I’m grateful that tomorrow is new and hasn’t been tried yet and may fit me better than today. I’m grateful for pumpkin pie at one o’clock in the morning too.

I’m thankful for right now.

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