Ladybird, ladybird fly away home

They say ladybugs are lucky. To find one means a financial windfall and success in love. I hope it’s true. I found two ladybugs in the parsley I was about to feed my bunnies. They were in the refrigerator over night but lively and gentle. I was able to gather them and take them outside with very little effort.

Believing in the luck a ladybug brings is from the middle ages. I always wanted to live in the dark ages unto the age of enlightenment when I was a little girl. Then I thought about the lack of plumbing and hygiene. And the horses could interrupt deep important proclamations like in Lancelot du Lac because you have to camp out in tents instead of finding a nice Hampton Inn. Horses whinny very loud at times.  But they are sweet.

The origin of the superstition started when European farmers crops were besieged by insects. Famine and ruin loomed. They turned to prayer. More specifically to the Virgin Mary and soon the ladybugs arrived and saved the day by eating the pests. This mystical encounter gave the lady beetle its name and the respect and love of farmers and gardeners worldwide evermore. It’s a lovely story and I hope it’s true. I can’t help but be happy when I find ladybug.

With the Immaculate Conception coming up on the 8th I think it’s nice to remember Our Lady and make toast and use that novelty stamper to make her face appear. And maybe blueberry pancakes too. I’m a bad Catholic but I love her so dearly. And I need to go to confession. Maybe the ladybugs will fly me there.

After the outbreak of kittens and tearing apart the kitchen cabinet to get one of the feral babies that crawled into a hole, I’m ready for some luck. I’ve noticed right before great fortune and happiness comes an event like tonight happens. It’s like the sock in the jaw George Bailey gets before Clarence comes to save his life. So I wait. And I know I won’t be disappointed. Not because I’ve earned any great favors but because they are constantly flying in unexpected like ladybugs tend to do.


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