Yeti (a love story)

A short ode or something  to ornaments illustrated by photos.

Bigfoot had a sad autumn

His tears fell like leaves

Then all at once he saw the girl

He blinked several times to believe

“She most pretty girl that I ever see

must have that sweetie just for me”

He thought and scratched his head to think of what to do

How to make this dream of lovely Yeti bliss come true

He picked up something shiny and said, “ugh this for you”

She didn’t try to take it or even say a word

But gave a little sigh that went unheard

He thought of Santa and the presents littering his pad

Maybe something good to give was somewhere to be had

Among the teddy bears and things that Santa tends to make

There might be a diamond ring or some delicious steak

He took her by the hand and he led her north

Reluctant was she and then she just stopped short

“What I really want”, she spoke soft and low.

“Isn’t any further, we have nowhere else to go”

“It isn’t in a store or in the sky so blue clear

It’s something wonderful and it’s oh so near.”

She said something else but it was whispered in his ear.

He stood in silence and then grew rather shy

He shuffled his big feet and adverted his big eyes

Somewhere and somehow in all he learned he missed

Yetis don’t need mistletoe when waiting to be kissed

Merry Christmas!


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