Christmas Greetings from the Otherside

Christmas has a spooky side.  It’s no mistake that A Christmas Carol has ghosties.  Winter solstice is upon us too and the gateway to the dead is wide open on Christmas eve.  The dead are thought to be able to wander the world of the living with ease.  Much like all hallows eve.  To a large section of  the living it is  a favorite time of year and it is for spirits as well. When you have lost anyone you love the holidays bring them close in mind and heart.  Maybe it’s not that they draw any nearer but  that we do and we let ourselves feel the love that never really dies but remains and surrounds us constantly.  We feel it more now because it’s a time of remembrance and making new memories.  Old ornaments and recipes lead to reveries that will always harken us back to the days when everyone we loved was alive and we took for granted those little moments together.

So when you sing your Carols this year-sing clear and loud but listen.  It is believed ghosts stop to hear us sing.  Don’t be surprised if they join in a verse or chorus.  You may recognize a voice or two.  After all Christmas is about a promise fulfilled and all things holy, mystical and unseen manifested in a baby.  It makes perfect sense that the mystery continues behind that veil that separates us from those we lost in this visible life.  That it virtually disappears at such a joyous and blessed season seems right and good and merry and bright


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