The clock is ticking 2009.

Midnight has a mystique. But it’s not the witching hour like 3 am or the hour you hit your snooze button like 6 or 7 in the morning. It’s the hour the old year takes its leave and goes somewhat gently into the goodnight. Unless of course those retrospectives make it rage against the night well into February. But for now it packs it’s suitcases, broken hearts and successes then goes where all years good and bad journey. In with the new year and it’s hopes and promises.

Some people think it’s just another day-nothing special about it. How wrong they are to think that. We collectively sigh and dream all together. For those few golden hours of time we regain our innocence. Suddenly we are all Cinderella and our Godmother sets about making us new and bright.

Midnight is the awaking. We are back in rags and reality. Still those hours at the ball, being surrounded by love and music (and smartly dressed) make it worthwhile. If we take joys with a pure and grateful heart we can never lose them. And some day midnight or not we will be just where we are supposed to be. All the paths made straight and smooth. We will be who and what we we were made to be mapped out in a place where there is no time at all.

Maybe this year.


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