Epiphany observed

I know this will be stamped with the fourth but I’m writing about the third and the sixth.  Epiphany.  I love the word.  I want epiphanies several times in an hour.  Enough to change everything but still have time for Bigfoot and Wildboy and important distractions like that.  It’s a feast day of discovery.  An ending of a search and the beginning of a journey.  I think every day is like that a life itself is a series of epiphanies until we do find those answers.  We need to follow those lights and not be afraid to pack up ourselves and leave the things we know so well behind to find something better.

The second definition is: “An epiphany is a moment of sudden insight or understanding.”  These revelations that flood our mind can be dismissed or forgotten.  We can bury them deep within our fear.  Fear of change, failure, being wrong or just being laid bare.  But these inspirations are leading us to the fulfillment of what we were made for and to ignore them is to thwart our very selves.

We must be open to the wisdom that makes us accept new ideas and ways of being.  A way of perfection and doing what is best for all.  The way our talents must be used and not hidden away but shared.  Let us live more fearlessly and by the lights and be the light for others.  The path will be bright and clear if we heed those sparks and  fires that epiphanies bring in their wake.  They will bring us to ourselves, each other and to the very truth.


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