Stop the presses and cry! Rest in peace Sandro.

A year ago at this time I was just discovering the espectacular that is Sandro and now he is gone.  At 64 he succumbed to complications due to a heart and lung transplant leaving behind a new wife and countless adoring fans.  Like me.  What magic he weaved perhaps isn’t in any one thing but in all things that made him completely awesome.  I’m sure that lives on where ever he is now and he’s delighting the universe in his way.  A true entertainer and a joy to watch I feel the loss.  So does the world, it just doesn’t know it yet.

Happening upon a magical place named El Ateneo.  We learned the theater once echoed with the voice of Carlos Gardel and now housed books and a coffee shop.  The lower level had dvds and it’s there that is where Sandro was found.  P. bought a box set and few others for friends and me.  When we watched him that night we knew we had found something a bit life changing.  And he has changed us.  P. Also found a marvelous record and the San Telmo flea market and it now lives in Washington DC maybe next to Cher or Donnie and Marie going coconuts.  But even with those stars shining, he’s so much brighter.

Not everyone hears the whistle that is Sandro.  But like all things in life we’re not all supposed to hear it.  It’s a tune played in a certain octave that only some can love and dance to with happiness.  It’s at these times of dancing that we find our friends and those we connect with and share our lives. I’m honored to have been one of Sandro’s brood watching him sing and play a playboy, a singing clown on the lam, a race car driver and just being himself because that was enough to make me happy.   Though so many dreams have died with him, I still can think of a Dracula Sandro and Heino Van Helsing and be rich beyond worldly goods.  These gifts remain and so does his spirit entertaining his troops and those lucky enough to find him on some crowded street in a shop in Argentina.

Roberto Sánchez late I have loved thee but I will forever.  Eternal rest grant unto him and let perpetual light shine upon him.

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