through a haunted lens

The ghosts of la Recoleta in Argentina are as romantic and beautiful as the cemetery itself.  You can look down in the seemingly endless vaults of the dead.  I would love to explore underneath the cemetery and walk the crypts below.  It’s certainly a place that night would make even more wonderful.  There was no foreboding feeling or icy fingers touching the back of your neck slightly.  It was all benign enough in the heat of an Argentine summer.

The stray cats lounge in the shade a flirt with the tourists while the dead smile for the camera.  I’m guessing.  Some crypts have broken skylights and other are intact but they both allow for a good photo opt.  Others embrace the darkness of the grave I’m more familiar with and these were tough to take photos of.  Almost without exception I use the manual focus.  Auto focus is more unreliable and erratic than I can handle.  Peering into the darkness I tried to adjust the lens.  It wasn’t easy and many a blurred picture proves that my eyesight in the dark leaves a lot to be desired.

Something odd happened at a few of these dark places.  The lens focused on its own.  At first I thought it was on auto focus but it was too controlled and switched to manual as usual.  It may have happened over the course of two visits about five times.  I wasn’t scared or spooked by this.  I thanked ‘them’ for being so helpful.  I was hoping for a full body apparition but alas no.  Here are two focused by unseen hands.

Supernatural or not the spirits, if any, that roam here are ones I long to visit again.


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