Your eyes are getting sleepy

When I was little, and wouldn’t get to sleep, my mother would hypnotize me. Sort of. It didn’t work but it was my introduction to have my free will taken from me and surrendering to the power of dreamland. Hypnos is the god of sleep so how profound and ancient was this tactic to lull me into REM. His mother is Nyx the night and darkness, Erebos, is his father. His twin is the god of death, Thanatos. Hypnos is often portrayed as young and nude with his brother lurking somewhere near.

Our wills are not our own on the other side of the veil. We are stripped of earthly boundaries and securities left in a world we do not know or understand fully. We are clothed with nothing at all like Hypnos and left on the edge of life. Hypnos be kind to all tonight and protect them as they have no where to hide from those visions we hide in the back of our souls too afraid to fully see when we are awake. We have no defense but a blanket and teddy bear but you make us leave them behind. Hold our hand at least as we lose our will to your bidding. Sweeten our dreams and bring us home again.

3 thoughts on “Your eyes are getting sleepy

  1. I know you love that sister and her acting doesn’t seem to have gotten much better. The Scritti Politti video could use some puppies with swirling eyes making kittens dance. Make it happen!

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