“Men owe us what we imagine they will give us. We must forgive them this debt.” ~Simone Weil

We are owed nothing in this world. We must be the consideration, the promises kept, the respect given for we are the ones who have this knowledge if we are touched by grace. One of the greatest gifts we can give our fellow-man is forgiveness. If we are slighted, hated and mocked we should endure this for the weakness comes from our poor brother or sister who knows no better. To be just in an unjust world and accepting of those we disagree with our of love of neighbor is of a divine essence and enlightenment we should all grow towards.

Presumption must never hinder our goal to love and to be filled with gratitude. We must not be clumsy in this exercise of loving the soul before us with all it’s faults and ugliness as God loves us. Even when we are hurt by those we love that are closest to us we must make great strides towards understanding. We must bear all things and hope when our time to be forgiven comes, as it surely will, we will find the same by the mercy of God.

What we may expect from others we must demand from ourselves. Forgiving as we want to be forgiven and be free. Free of selfish anger and pride. Let us no longer waste our energy on vainglory. Forget the expectations and pardon the failings of others and let us love without reserve. If we live and treat all we encounter in this way we pay the debt to owe ourselves and bring light into the darkness. We will truly love at last.


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