“Remember this and you will never judge another; Judas was once an apostle. . .

. . and the thief crucified at Christ’s side was once a murderer.” ~St. John Climacus

To never judge again is my prayer.  If a person’s actions are wrong we cannot define them by what they did but what they can and will do.   And that can change in an instant.  Let us not condemn anyone to their worst actions but let them grow into something better.  Remove the sin and see the person before you with the eyes of the Beloved.  Each day is new and the promise of transformation is certain.  Let us not judge ourselves by what we thought we were yesterday.  Our limitations are illusions that fade in the reality of grace.  Let it enter our hearts and make us new.

If we cease from judgment, peace will reign. We will accept all things and people.  We will gain the strength to endure all that comes to us, even if it seems to be of no value or good.  Our reactions to the external are what make them what they are and let our judgment be fair and loving.  So when we are called to fight injustice and evil we can do so in a selfless way that seeks the good of all.

The thief who recognized God in his dying hours was made new and forever remembered for his faith and wisdom.  Judas who was considered a holy man is remembered for his greed, betrayal and his greatest sin of despair.  Let us keep them in our mind so that we may see ourselves and all as both.  So we may labor and persevere until our last breath.  The is so much good in the worst of us, let us nurture this good in each other with love.


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