“To come into union with the wisdom of God, the soul has to embrace not-knowing, rather than knowledge.” ~ St John of the Cross

We are given information at an alarming rate from all sources and to take them as fact, we have learned, is foolish.  Sciences are flawed as are books with subjective and heavily edited history lessons that show us mere sketches of the past.  Even the finest education is nothing compared to the mind of God.  The state of not-knowing is the perfect road to understand better the world and the unseen.  Be humbled by the vast world, the universe and all we have yet to learn is growth in every sense.  We need only to let go of ego and pride to be as children again and marvel at the simplest and most profound things we encounter throughout our lives.  We often find they are one in the same.

St. John of the Cross is a master of the art of detachment.  He knew, lived and taught that to truly love something you must desire nothing from it.  Everything is a gift, place, person and even wisdom.   Not to be enjoyed in of itself but because it is entrusted to a soul from the Beloved.  The less we hold on to these the passing things the more open we can be to receive them.

“To take pleasure in everything,

desire pleasure in nothing.

To possess everything,

desire to possess nothing.

To be everything,

desire to be nothing.

To know everything,

desire to know nothing.

~St. John of the Cross

Emptying ourselves of our own concepts and preconceptions leaves us open to listen, to know in a deeper and greater way.  No one is so simple we cannot learn from them nor is anyone so wise they can not learn something new.  We will be able to accept and enjoy in all things purely, divinely, without expectations.  We are owed nothing yet we are given everything.  All is joy if we allow it to be.  Let us pray it is so.

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