“He departed from our sight, so we should turn to our hearts and find Him there.” ~ St. Augustine

We look and search for the divine our whole lives. We ache for just a taste of what is seemingly elusive. Some search for it in social causes, politics, the arts, nature or each other. Some look for this elevated experience in various places of worship. That mystic union is in all and none. We carry these encounters within us. Let us not be disquieted by the things of the world. The only thing worth adoring and believing in isn’t on a ballot or in a song. It’s deeper than this life and all the distractions we burden our souls and make our hearts heavy with despair. If we set ourselves apart in this exquisite quietness it cannot fail to shape our lives into something for our good and the good of all.

It’s in those moments when we are open and honest with ourselves that we know that God is not only close to us but we are a part of Him. Let us connect and be fed by this great truth. It will enrich all our actions and guide our steps. Be not disturbed by the evils of this passing age. We have an eternal and absolute good within that loves us one and all. If we keep our eyes on this and cultivate inner peace this will be our driving force.  Build the interior castle.  No earthly power can have dominion over us. It cannot shake our joy or twist our hope. Turn inward and in finding be found.


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