“The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen.” -G.K. Chesterton

They are those moments when the supernatural become natural.  We look around at seemingly ordinary people and see the divine.  We walk and move among saints and angels.  Yet most of the time we are indifferent and sometimes, especially in cars, hostile towards them.  It is these supernatural moments when the veil is lifted that our eyes see the neighbor for what he or she is and can fully love them.

There are miracles everyday around us.  They can be lauded and documented, tested and verified.  Some go by unnoticed with the rising of the sun and manifest in our work unquestioned.  Others still are unseen, deep and secret in the human heart.  That encounter and transformation when nothing will ever be the same.  We can’t return to ordinary living and be interested in passing things.  The world’s offerings sparkle with distractions and glitter with glamour but no longer seduce the senses.

Once our eyes are open and our hearts altered it can be a very dangerous thing.   For even if we lose our footing along the way, as we will in great and small degrees, we are in love. Before long we are again at the feet of God washing His feet with our tears.   All the gifts and resources we are given we must pour forth to bring beauty into the world to tell everyone about what we have found and share our joy.  The supernatural becomes our nature and we see the miracles of everyday life in ways we had been blind to before.  Love is the greatest miracle of all and makes us able to live between worlds and bring to this earth a glimpse of Heaven.


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