“Watch ye, and pray that you enter not into temptation!” St. Mark 14:38

Holy week can be completely transforming.  As if all the work during lent finally breaks through and we see the world with new eyes and ourselves as well.  Our hearts are emptied of selfishness and ready to truly love.  It can also be a loss for all our gains.  Things tend to be intense at this time, including temptations.  Our wills are tested and we want to forget the sacrifices we have  vowed to make.  Or worse we feel self-satisfied with the strides we have made.  We can fall into pride and judgment of others.

St. Mary Magdalene found herself at the feet of Jesus listening to all his words and devouring the meaning.  She had found a perfect place to rest and be filled by things this world does not offer.  She allowed His words and love to transform her.  Judas had the worse holy week ever experienced by a human soul.  His decay was set long before and yet he could have saved all if he had too sat at the feet of our Lord.  If we look inside we see we are both extremes on any given day.  Let us rest in God and hear His voice.  Let us pour out the best of ourselves to love Him and unite with Him.

If we have been faithful this season or have slipped, it matters not.  What matters now is how we use this week to ready ourselves for the most profound mystery and triumph history has known.  Even after Judas had sold Jesus to His enemies, if he had come for forgiveness, he would have found it.  Let us find it too knowing no matter what the state of our soul, it can be made white as snow.  True repentance and forgiveness make for a new life and resurrection of all that had died inside of us.  Keep watch and keep hope.


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