Lately I’ve been listening to far more music than usual.   No where near as much as I used to but I’m slowly come back from a sort of death.  Maybe it was the headaches or the car radio being broken but I don’t drive enough for that.  Maybe it was the constant stopping and starting of my heart.  Maybe it’s started again now that I’ve ignored it.  It only needed to slowly start beating and then beat so quickly I can’t catch up to tell it not to.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t listened to any music.  I have explored and delighted in the international fare that youtube has generously provided.  It spans time and miles like nothing else.  I have found untold joys in disco and foreign ballads that open my mind in new ways.

But familiar friends, some I’m ashamed of, have been silent.  Lately I have unearthed a handful and through some rhythmic necromancy they live again.  What do they tell me?  The same stories I remember but they are so differently understood.  Here are ten, with varied degrees of embarrassment, that never cease to make me tear up and sigh:

Love is in the air – John Paul Young
It might be you  – Stephen Bishop
(from Tootsie no less-the shame)
Tell me you’re mine – Joe Pisapia
Don’t answer me  – Alan Parsons Project
(at least it not Eye in the Sky)

Don’t walk away – ELO

I want to stay home  – Jellyfish
Put your hand on your heart
José González

New favorite – Allison Krauss
Simple twist of fate – Bob Dylan
We close our eyes – Oingo Bingo

Music is one of the most powerful keepers of memories and emotions.  On a frivolous note the last time I remember feeling the least bit attractive I just got this CD.  Awesome animation:

Oh youth, oh beauty.

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