Steinbeckian themes plague my childhood and my life.  So why should I be surprised and that an early opened birthday present from my homie forever revealed a Lenniesque Bigfoot. Cryptozoology is more and more my favorite ‘science’ perhaps bested only by parapsychology.   A cryptozoological play set makes an ideal gift for me and kiddies of all ages.  And a Bigfoot with a drop of paint makes him very much a hirsute Lennie.

My first experience with Lennie was in Warner Brothers cartoons like this one:

Then of course Lon Chaney Jr.  and his protector was Burgess Meredith who I had a crush on since I saw the Twilight Zone in which he breaks his glasses.   Lon Chaney Jr. had the great gift to invoke sympathy and worked well in this role and you believed he said his prayers every night.  John Malkovich played Lennie in the early 90’s and killed not the haughty and brazen Betty Field Curley’s wife but the childlike gorgeous Sherilyn Fenn Curley’s wife.  I cried at the end of both because somewhere deep in the recesses of my soul I am Lennie.  Haphazardly going through life meaning to do good but often hurting those I love and still dreaming until my last breath of that hutch filled with rabbits. For a part of a larger soul are we and for the best parts of it I thank all those I love and all those who love me too.


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