Haunted Puppies and Thwarted Ghosts

While there was a false report yesterday that one of my favorite cheesy shows was coming out with new episodes but there is some good news.  While A Haunting seems to be deader than the ghosts it documents The Haunted is out on DVD on the 13th of July.  It chronicles ghosts, hauntings, and general things that go bump in the night or ‘arf’.

The stories always involve animals sometimes the spirits of them.  There’s a candle shop haunted by ill-fated turn of the century monkeys among other spooky goings on in public places and private residences.  Great fun and sometimes providing genuine chills.  I love a good ghost story but when they inject pseudo science with EMF detectors and garbled EVP recordings it often falls flat.   (Ghost Adventures aside for the funny pants alone)  Yet somehow when they add puppies it’s a really great show.


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