A minute with Tony

Tony Curtis has gone to the great trapeze in the sky.  Though he had a sometimes illustrious career I remember with most cheesy nostalgia the television show Hollywood Babylon.  The reenactments are absolutely stunning and the Danny Kaye/Laurence Olivier prison scene will forever be a bad TV masterpiece lost to us mere mortals.  Well unless the right and decent thing happens and they release it on DVD.

My favorite part was the ending which was a minute with Tony.  He’d give some random memory often with no real point.  Cut to the cheesy saxophone music and I was a pretty happy kid.   My “I remember the beautiful Audrey Hepburn” impersonation may have not been from an actual story but it’s a part of my psyche and oft said to those who remember those moments with Mr. Curtis.  He lives on in a real way in so many histories and brings us together.  That’s really the point in this crazy world.

It’s the only clip on youtube I can find.  But let’s all pray a novena for the entire series to be available.  After all, artists great and small, are meant to unify.

On a side almost Halloweenie note the spirit of George Reeves  supposedly thwarted a robbery attempt in the home where was killed.  BOO!  Thanks for leaping the afterlife in a single bound.  May we do so a very, very long time from now with the happiest ending or rather beginning on the next part of this journey.

Good luck Mr. Curtis and Godspeed.

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