The last thirteen cantos

Dante Alighieri died before the Divine Comedy was finished.  Well he didn’t, but if it wasn’t for him appearing in white and dazzling garments to his son Jacopo eight months after his death, the last thirteen cantos would have been lost forever.

Jacopo asked upon seeing the ethereal Dante, “Are you alive?”

Dante replied, “‘Yes, but with the true life and not this of ours.”

Jacopo asked if he had completed his work on the Divine Comedy and Dante assured him he had.  Dante’s spirit led his son to the room he had slept in while alive and touched a wall claiming his finished work was hidden within.   Then he departed leaving Jacopo in a state of half belief not knowing if it was all a dream.

The place that had been revealed to him fixed firmly in Jacopo’s mind and he had a great desire to confirm if the visit had been real.  He called on Dante’s pupil Piero Giardino telling him of this encounter.  Together the went to the room and the exact spot that the spirit had touched.  They uncovered the finished work in a small space in the wall, numbered, damp and moldy but saved in time to change the whole word.


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