free translation and madchens singing tra la la

Girl laughs, youth speaks:  “Miss wolln you or, outside spring” is not.  The poet, Otto light, considers it
now to be its duty, it writes this poem:

Veronika, the spring is there, the girls sing tralala.  The entire world is hexed how, Veronika that asparagus
are awake!  Veronika, the world is green, Drum lets us into the forests ziehn.  Even the large papa says to
the large mama:  “Veronika, the spring is there”!

The Mr. son, the papa swarm for Veronika, that makes the spring.  Everyone knocks secretly, everyone asks it:
Where come and when I finally at it?

Veronika, the spring.  .  .  .

The husband seeks fully cutting edge connection at the Stubenmaid.  The spring makes that.  It sends away his wife,
calls it the girl bold and explains its the purpose:

Veronika, the spring …


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