Rest in Daddy Heaven

One of my favorite short lived shows of childhood was Police Squad. When it was canceled it broke my heart and I learned the cruelty of network TV and it’s ability to take away joy.  I never trusted them again after that.  The shoeshine guy, sight gags, a killer monkey,  and more silliness that anyone could wish for all headed by Leslie Nielsen.

Leslie Nielsen died of pneumonia about an hour north of where I live.  There’s so much to thank him for, the obvious Airplane.  But forget not Prom Night.  He was the captain of the Poseidon and a passenger multiple times on the Love Boat.  Many fantasies came true for him on Fantasy Island.  Well when he wasn’t an evil witch hunter.  And if that wasn’t enough to cement him into the fiber of our beings he married Dorothy at the end of the Golden Girls.

Tammy may have the old hootie owl to say it but weren’t we all in love with him?  Eternal rest and perpetual light to thee.

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