Santa on both sides of the law

I never thought of Santa as a thief.  When he breaks into your house he leaves gifts.  Sure he peeps in on you when your sleeping and knows your every move.  It’s creepy but we allow him to thrive as long as the gifts are plentiful and pleasing.

Yet the illustrated view of a hold up Santa seems natural.  He is victimizing the adults.  Money they selfishly used for food and mortgage payments will come in pretty handy when Santa is fulfilling the ‘nice’ list.   And apparently buying some swinging and ever so stylish golden boots.

Then there is victim Santa.  Maybe these drawings came from year the elves switched the ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ lists.  Santa, who brutalizes the over twenty-one populace,  is cowed by mere children.   Pistol whipped his ill-gotten gain is ill-gotten by the tykes who downed pots of coffee, their bloodshot eyes glowing with greed.

This reads “Christmas Happiness”  and maybe the jolly old elf’s laugh in spite of himself was born of fear.  Or of rage as he thinks, “Oh in good time children.  Grow up rich and hardy so I may pillage your bounty and live forever!”  He will continue to make glad the heart of childhood for certain but all bets are off once you leave it behind.


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