all I need is the hair that I breathe and to love you

A Georgian/Victorian jewelry style that is sweet and spooky is mourning jewelry.  I think a lock of hair still has a certain romance about it.  It’s obvious perhaps and over done in romantic films or books.  I’m not well versed in romantic fare so it’s purely speculative.  In the 1600’s it hair was used for wooing and incorporated into jewelry and trinkets for the ardent pursuer to give to the object of their affection.

Using the hair of the dearly departed to fashion something to wear was very natural.  To want that nearness of being is a longing rarely answered by a brooch today.  Being textile inclined people with eyes on the temporal the senses need to be feed.   All but sound can be quelled into a bittersweet and fashionable statement.

I think of St. Therese’s hair and the reverence given and due to her curls.  So it makes sense that when we love someone, we treasure and utilize a relic to bring them close to us on earth when they are gone from our sight.

For non-romantics, while every good boy deserves fudge, every good trophy wife deserves this. Woof!


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