Monsters mashed with gravy

I used to be a Godzilla fan.  When I was little and cable was in it’s infancy I’d watch those movies with my father.  I had a marvelous maroon plastic Rodan that would eat my sister’s Barbies, and the holy grail, Godzilla himself.  He had wheels on his feet and a tongue of fire.  One of his claws had a spring action device and you could shoot it from his wrist.  I wasn’t the coolest six-year-old but I was well equipped to fight the forces of evil or good depending on the Godzilla movie.

I preferred when Godzilla was a hero because he would get to live.  I don’t think I could sit through one of those movies now.  They do bring back happy memories of my father at a time when they are mostly dark and miserable.

I’m not a King Kong fan as a rule but the whole Beauty and the Beast angle is irresistible.   Sadly, I could sit through this, I think:

Spoiler alert-King Kong loves as well as lives and has a son or daughter at the end.  Not on Netfilx.  Rats!

And not to be out done by a monkey the undead have a vampire baby:

This title is on youtube .  I saw a clip of a flirty librarian getting her comeuppance but haven’t had time to watch the whole thing.  Reviews are mixed.

“I NEEEEEEED you” is a perfect ringtone.

And now to kinder and kissable monsters.


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