Easter Boo-nnies

The Encyclopedia of Ghosts By Daniel Cohen recounts a tale of tails where a man named Thomas Davidson saw a ghost bunny.  He was waiting for a girl he had been courting by Willington Mill located in England.  First he saw what appeared to a cat of a whitish hue.  Being a nogoodski he kicked the cat.  His foot seemed to go right through the animal and then the cat disappeared.  Moments later it materialized again as a rabbit and hopped towards him.  This made the no account Davidson kick the phantom bunny.  The rabbit disappeared as the cat apparition had done.  The third appearance of this shape-shifting spirit was as a large and luminous sheep.  This finally frightened Davidson enough to stopping kicking and go home.

There are all sorts of reports of animal spirits but cats and dogs are most common in traditional ghost stories.  Sometimes they are furry bundles of doom.  Perilous puppies would appear like a banshee to some families foretelling death.  Ruh-ro!  The infamous black cat of Killakee as large as a dog with demonic eyes thought to be a lingering spirit left over from the days of the Hell Fire

Painting of the Killakee cat.

Club.  Thomas Whaley was a member of the devil worshiping sect and lived in the haunted building in Killakee in the 18th century.  It took two exorcisms to quiet the place down and banish the kitty specter from the place and off to do mischief elsewhere.  The Demon Cat on Capitol Hill in Washington DC is just as aggressive and chooses to dwell near politicians who perhaps strike deals with the diabolical feline which would make sense considering some who hold office.  A harbinger of tragedy, the beast is often seen before a national disaster or changing of presidents.   Which is often one in the same depending on your leanings.  He is perhaps the most secure hellion as well.  Looking for him may get you in trouble with homeland security.

I’ll stick with bunnies that boo and go right through my shoe. Worse case scenario is they could turn into an illuminated sheep.   You would have woolen socks to fight off any ghostly chills and the socks would glow in the dark.  And you never know maybe it would have turned into pony or a cow or dolphin next.  Hooray!

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