If you had drawn me

with graphite and clay

shading in the shadows

that wrap around those quiet hours

lines and crooked pathways

that make up my face

I could be erased

faded and vague

you’d shape me to what you wanted

until you tired of me

or I became too real

You’d throw me in a corner as

one of those

uncompleted works

abandoned and forgotten

under piles of paper and promises

never really relevant

thrilling like sparks

that flare and burn

but nothing more

than a lovely waste of time


2 thoughts on “graphite

  1. I just took a peek on flickr and see that you have new images up, or newer I should say. I deleted my account a while back. I’ll have to go and take a good look. I love this image and your words.

    1. I was pretty sure you deleted your account. I couldn’t find you 😦 Flickr is still the site I get the most hits. Thank you for the kind words and stopping by.

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