Evelyn Waugh’s father was afraid of lemonade

It made me want to hug him for some reason.  Evelyn Waugh died today in the year 1966.  The date is one of annual remembrance and with all the dates I mix up it’s half of a miracle.  I love Evelyn Waugh.  A brilliant writer and my favorite novelist.  He was a complicated and troubled man from a line of complicated and troubled men.  Evelyn had a biting wit and a mean streak that he found difficult to control.  His  grandson, Alexander Waugh, documents his lineage in the documentary Fathers and Sons.

An honest and unforgiving look at an extraordinary family that explores the makings of fathers.  If your father happens to be a genius. . .Also some insights to the inspirations behind some of Evelyn Waugh’s most memorable and ingenious writing.  To paraphrase Olivia Newton John as Kira in Xanadu, “I’ll love you forever Evelyn, I’ll love you forever.”

Oh he was opinionated too:


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