River Monsters is my latest obsession.  A show with one brilliant and gentle Jeremy Wade tracking down the world’s fresh water beasties.  The show is a lesson in conservation, biology, geography and study in cultures around the world.  Pitting fact against myth via fishing a history of tale/tails unfolds and gives us a greater understanding of nature and each other. More than not the truth is far more fascinating than the legend.  You fall in love with the scenery, the people and last but not least the fish themselves.  Oft misunderstood and sometimes dangerous fish that have unique beauty and amazing abilities.  They are far more clever than I would have guessed.

Jeremy Wade’s passion and fresh water journeys help me understand fishing a bit better.  I never “got” the whole fishing allure but the manner of catching the fish here opens my eyes to its attraction.  Mr. Wade presents fishing as a mystical and contemplative’s sport of choice.  The catch and gentle release of the animals is something beautiful to see.  Note: Jeremy Wade often snuggles the fish-watch closely.  But wouldn’t you too?  Grow some gills and tune in to Animal Planet at 10pm on Sundays to find out.


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