Love and goblins

I wind, I wind, my true love to find,
The color of his hair, the clothes he’ll wear,
The day he is married to me.

Throw a ball of yarn into a barn, old house, or cellar, and wind,
repeating the above lines, and the true love will appear and wind with
you. To be tried at twelve o’clock at night, on Halloween.

It is believed on Halloween that odd divination can predict and even materialize your future mate.  Everything from yarn to apples to eggs and cabbages can be used in some mystic way.  I didn’t grow up with these beliefs, though I always though bobbing for apples was unsanitary, I never knew its magical properties to determining a love match.  I like apples best wrapped in caramel and that taste brings back untold joy of early Halloween when the deepest and dearest quest was what costume to choose.  Who would I be for a whole day this year?  And next year?  These were heavy thoughts to little brains.  I did not know that apples could foretell my fate.  Halloween is a time to predict lovers or loneliness.  And I was busy with chocolate all these years.

Peel an apple, making sure the peeling comes off in one long strand and then throw it over your shoulder. The shape it lands in will be the initial of your beloved.

If you place an apple under your pillow you will dream of your future husband.

Hazelnuts too are used and with a diabolical edge.  The devil was thought to be a nut gather and nuts were used as magical charms.  A girl with a fire-place and various suitors could name the hazelnuts after them and place them in front of the grate.  Then she would recite this incantation to reveal her future husband:

“If you love me, pop and fly; if you hate me, burn and die.”

Not too poetic but at least it rhymes.   Boyfriends reduced to ashes would be out of the running.  Pumpkin seeds could also be used in keeping with the season.

Water can be used in many ways.  No wonder businesses like eHamony thrive with instructions like these:

Shortly before midnight a pure white bowl is procured, that has
never been touched by any lips save those of a new-born infant. If it is
a woman whose fortune is to be tried (and it generally is) the child must
be a male. The bowl is filled with water from a spring-well, after which
twenty-six pieces of white paper about an inch square, on each of which
must be written one letter of the alphabet, are placed in the bowl with
the letters turned downward. These must be dropped in as the clock
strikes midnight, or all will fail. All being ready, the maiden
interested repeats the lines:–

Kind fortune, tell me where is he
Who my future lord shall be;
From this bowl all that I claim
Is to know my lover’s name.

The bowl is then securely locked away, and must not be disturbed till
sunrise the following morning, when she is placed before it blindfolded.
She then picks out the same number of letters as there are in her own
name. After these are all out the bandage is removed from her eyes, and
the paper letters spread out before her. She manages them so as to spell
a man’s name as best she can with the letters at her disposal. The name
thus found will be that of her future husband.

simpler version:

On Halloween write names of three men on three pieces of paper, roll
them into balls, put these into balls made of Indian meal (wet so as to
roll up), put the balls of meal into a basin of water: whichever one
rises to the top bears the name of the one you’ll marry.

Candles and mirrors intertwine as well.  Mirrors can be employed for fortune-telling with everything from apples to walking backward down cellar stairs to see the face of your beloved.  I’m sure many doctors rather than husbands were at the door on the first of November with the backward stair method.  Luckily there are far easier ways of using mirror for divining.

If you slice an apple through the equator (to reveal the five-pointed star within) and then eat it by candlelight before a mirror, your future spouse will appear over your shoulder.

Take a candle and look into a mirror whilst combing your hair or eating an apple. Your future husband will appear peeking over your shoulder.

After seeing the face of your husband appear not dying of fright will increase your chances to marry dramatically.  I just hope the looking-glass is clear and the face is to your liking if you are silly enough to try it.  Most importantly make sure the apple is covered in caramel.

A break from romance witchery:

I’ll post the results if successful.  Wishing you snuggles and sweets all year through. .

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