“The only real equality is in the cemetery” German Proverb

Going to the cemetery and taking pictures is like taking pictures of a beautiful woman.  The views are all wonderful but it makes it all the harder to take a really marvelous picture that stands out from the rest.  Here are a few pictures from the cemeteries I have visited over the years.  I haven’t mastered the art of it at all but ’tis the season.

St. Augustine, Fl

Cementerio General Chile

Key West, Fl

Webster, Fl

Linden, Fl

Spring Hill, Fl

Possibly my favorite ever.

Cementerio de la Recoleta Argentina

Dade City, Fl

Mouth Zion Cemetery Dade City, Fl

St. Anthony Cemetery Central Florida

Lake Lindsey Cemetery Central Florida

Lykes Cemetery Springhill, Fl

Greenwood Cemetery St Petersburg, Fl

Cycadia Cemetery Tarpon Springs, Fl

Oaklawn/St. Louis cemetery Tampa, Fl

Gettysburg, PA

Brooklyn, NY

Manasota Memorial Park Sarasota, Fl


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