Saved by a puppy

St. John of the Cross has a feast day today.  I love him.  Happy feast day!  He was imprisoned in December of 1577 for nine months by his own order because if his attempt of reformation.  He suffered terribly and prayed and wrote.  While locked away he managed to write the most amazing and profound poetry including the Dark Night of the Soul.  A book I would read at the age of eighteen and kept reading until the binding frayed and cracked to ultimately free the pages.  I got another copy.  Reading his words still sends chills up and down my spine.  The unbearable joy, sorrow and truth weaved throughout his work  leaves me breathless.

St. John escaped from his prison through prayer, dismantling a lock, tiptoeing and listening in the stillness to a guiding voice.  He gathered his writings and tied some old blankets together to scale the wall of his prison.  When he reached the ground, not knowing where to go in the darkness, a dog appeared and lead him to safety.   Then the dog vanished.  Arf!  The rest is Discacled Carmelite history but it is so alive and moving and breathing in the world right now.

“In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone.”

Love the unlovable and listen to the voice of inspiration.  Embrace providence in all guises-including puppies.


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