Happy birthday to Moo

I am so happy and blessed to wish you a happy birthday Moo.  Not only because you are the best EVER but because you are here.  After all the struggles that still continue of getting you well,  it is a wonderful thing to celebrate the time this journey began.  Happy birthday.  Can I thank you for all you are to me and have given me?   No that is impossible.  Thank you anyway!

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You have given me freedom to make mistakes and be myself.  Who I am is anything but conventional but you love me anyway.   I make mistakes hourly but you love me anyway.  We are not perfect but we love each other anyway.  Maybe, often, because of that very fact.  We go against the grain together.  We have torn up life’s blueprints time and again and will always shred them into confetti. Thank you for depth and essentials that are eternal and the true joy that comes from that.

God bless you and restore you in every way.  The greatest gift beyond all others this year and every year is that you are here and with me.  All else is icing on the cake and boy let’s dig in!

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday to Moo

  1. I am so happy that you can have another b-day to celebrate your dear Matriarch’s B-day. She sounds like such a neat person that was able to raise you in a blessed way. Salutations to you all!

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