Estimated shipping time

I will get my new charger by the 22nd maybe.  (my old charger split in two-thank you Macintosh and for making the charger the price of a first born son) I’ll be gone until then most likely.  Hopefully good news and marvelous happenings will be flooding this blog soon.  So let’s be happy and start a trend.




9 thoughts on “Estimated shipping time

  1. Don’t you just love quality in production these days? I too hope you get it a lot sooner than the estimated shipping – that it doesn’t get mis-sorted like too many things have lately, and arrives in expected shape.

    1. It was surprising to have the plastic melt and the wires fray. Then it came apart. The replacement is 80 dollars! Gosh. The other kind of Mac charger is far less and better quality. Fingers crossed for speedy delivery. Still it is a first world problem. I’m really lucky to have a charger to wait for at all!

      1. I bet it was surprising! $80 – ouch! I love your attitude – oh how it puts into perspective the things we tend to complain about! However, I think $80 later, you have a complaint!

  2. Well I went cheaper-not cheapest because the reviews were terrible. I’m cheap but I’m super cheap about things like chargers-I admit it hurts a lot!

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