I hate passive agressive people

Very much.  But out of respect for some one I love dearly I must remain silent.  Otherwise, dear readers, I’d trounce someone’s hide.  Somewhere there is a sound and mighty throttling  coming to them and I know when it happens I won’t care anymore.  But until I let the better part of me prevail:

4 thoughts on “I hate passive agressive people

  1. Sometimes you just have to keep ahold of yourself. Its hard, but you just gotta. But don’t worry, people do get their comeuppance at one point – and boy is that SATISFYING. Just hope that you’ll get to hear/see/know about it. 😉

    1. Some people are just so of another world. They are maybe a bit mad and mixed up. (not in a good way like me of course 😉 ) I can’t always find that compassion but I have to try. But if anyone hurts someone I love-I lose it!

      1. Aren’t they though. Most people are petty and stupid. It’s shocking. And oh so ME, ME, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Compassion and I aren’t close friends. Mere acquaintances, actually. I lose it when someone bothers people I care about or a, close to.

      2. I think when you are very sensitive things are harder to put up with for other people more than yourself. I’m so over-sensitive and snarky too. Bad combination. Finding a balance is lifelong mission.

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