Happy Birthday Daddy-o

Even after years of losing you so suddenly. . I don’t believe it.  I still expect you to call and tell me we will be wiped out by hurricanes.  What would you have said about the Mayans?  Eep!

I see my conspiracy theories flourish in my brain and somewhere you are there.  You are in the wonder I find in the smallest fragile things and in the darkness of my miseries.  My enthusiasm comes from you and the fact I look like you in a dress, albeit a really nice dress, when I look in the mirror keeps you ever present.

So much ahead that I wish you would be here physically to share it all.  But you are here and there and every chocolate malted I have I will honor you.  Be near.  I miss you an awful lot and love you quite a bit more.  Don’t forget me!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daddy-o

  1. You do look like dad, but you DON’T look like dad in a dress. Yep, I can’t believe it’s been 9 years…seems like yesterday and forever ago at the same time. Happy Birthday Dad, I hope someone’s making you sour cream chicken and potatoes. xx

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