Dennis Cole Stealing Souls

Fantasy Island season two is on DVD!  I give this season a 40/60  good and bad.  But Robert Reed as a vampire covers a multitude of Red Buttons and monkey reaction shots.  One of my favorite fantasies yet!  Though most of my favorites aren’t in this season there is the Bigfoot episode, the Nightmare episode (with hilarious voice overs, clown and Ray Milland) and ghosties here and there.  Lisa Hartman as nun and John Saxon as a monkey loving vet?  It doesn’t get much better than this.   Some really amazing TV and it even suspends your belief with writing credits.  Somebody really wrote Sonny Bono as a pirate who kidnaps Diana Canova?   Did some writer feverishly pen Scott Baio’s line, “Didn’t I ever tell you rock stars don’t cry”, to a tiny Keith Coogan who plays a character named Scooter.

In one episode the then ubiquitous Dennis Cole plays an adventurer hired by Lew Ayres (who sounds deliciously like a Scooby -Doo villian) to find the fountain of youth.  Faced by primitive savage headhunters he makes a Kodak moment into a life saving tactic.  But anyone who grew up marveling at the keenness of Polaroid knows that Mr. Cole was hardly bluffing when he called it ‘magic’.

The soul capturer revealed
Setting it to its soul capturing position
Bow before me head Headhunter! I own your souls!!!!!

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