Gail Russell’s Puppy

Gail Russell was simply one of the most gorgeous creatures God ever made.  Painfully shy, she was forced from her artistic dreams to be an actress by her mother due to family poverty.  She was sleeping on newspapers in the living room when she was ‘discovered’.  Her crippling shyness and thwarted love affairs led to drinking.  Lots of it.  So much so she ran into a diner and pinned the janitor under her car.  So much so her heart gave up the ghost when she was just 36.

All this leads me to want to know more of course and see her work.  The only painting I could find is this one:

The distortion of the bowl and ironic name hint at a joke we can only guess is a combination self-deprecation and desperation.  The dog almost snarls and the eyes have a baleful expression-all prettied up with a bow.  All fluff arranged as neatly as possible and underneath. . well you can guess.

I’m reading way into it but I’d love to see more of her work.  Any leads on where to find them will be greatly appreciated.

“Everything happened so fast. I was a sad character. I was sad because of myself. I didn’t have any self-confidence. I didn’t believe I had any talent. I didn’t know how to have fun. I was afraid. I don’t exactly know of what – of life, I guess.”  -Gail Russell


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